The Audience of Discovery Channel collapsed after leaving the RCS

The audience of Discovery Channel station halved compared to November. In addition to this, Animal Planet, also a channel in Discovery portfolio, lost more than half of viewers evening.
When Discovery was available on RCS network, in the evening, people were...

Date 4 01 2013

Adevarul Holding demands its insolvency

The Adevarul Holding Trust demands its insolvency in a dossier submitted to the Bucharest Tribunal on 31 October. The first hearing in the case is related to insolvency proceedings and the legal conclusion is - bankruptcy. The application was submitted while the...

Date 6 11 2012 takes over Giga TV TV program will be overtaking the current cable frequencies of Giga TV station, following a fusion of the two television channels. In the first phase, Giga TV frequencies will be showing all the TV programs. In the second phase, starting 10 January,...

Date 12 10 2012

ZeList is monitoring Linkedin now

Since September 26, 2012, ZeList Monitor added to over 140,000 online sources monitored a new category of sources, namely LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world.

Over 5,300 mentions were made in the period 19 to 25 September 2012 on the 1141...

Date 27 09 2012

Only three packs of live matches in the First League awarded among the nine auctioned LPF

RCS & RDS won on Monday, the first package of Premier League matches at auction by the Professional Football League, Romtelecom won the second and the Antena 1 won the eighth, the other packages haven’t been claimed by anyone else.

At the auction held...

Date 6 04 2011

Changes by CNA

TV and radio stations must ensure, gradually, until 1 January 2015, that persons with hearing disabilities have access to the main programs that disseminate information on a daily basis, according to an amendment to the Broadcasting Code, adopted on Thursday by members...

Date 2 03 2011

Oreste leaves B1

"Oreste's Code" program moderator, who quit a week ago, the station B1, is in negotiations with two other trusts, including Reuters, according to information

Date 1 03 2011

ARBOmedia launches ARBOradio, an advertising sales service for independent local radio stations

The ARBOmedia company will officially launch, ARBOradio project, which will be the exclusive national advertising sales market for independent local radio stations, Silviu Ispas, ARBOmedia director, said.

The ARBOradio official launch will take place in an...

Date 25 10 2009

Media Today - The first V2Media campaign in romania

At only one month after its launch V2Media received their first campaign request. Media Today started the first campaign in Romania with this new form of video banner. The campaign was conducted over a period of 4 days (from July 28), on the site The...

Date 3 09 2009

Libertatea remains the most read newspaper

Libertatea remains the newspaper with the largest number of readers, but Cancan and Click register significant growth of audience, according to the last wave of National Audience Study (SNA), covering the period July 2008-July 2009. Compared with the previous wave...

Date 5 08 2009

Capital changes its format and date of issue

Starting May, the Capital newspaper appears weekly, in a smaller format, changing and also the appearance and the day of issue.
Until now, capital used to appear on Thursdays in the country and Wednesday in Bucharest. From now on, the publication will appear in...

Date 11 05 2009

UPC launched Paprika TV, a television channel with a gastronomic theme

UPC Romania has extended its offer with paprika TV, a television channel with gastronomic theme, according to a report by the company. The new channel is brought to Romania by Chello Central Europe and will promote in its programs local culinary traditions, but also...

Date 7 05 2009

Media Today wins the ProCredit Account

At the end of February Media Today won the media pitch organized by ProCredit Bank for 2009. The event was attended by 6 agencies. The final decision was that of extending the collaboration between ProCredit and Media Today for 2009. The partnership between the media...

Date 15 03 2009

The Compact publication removed from the market

A report from the Ringier Romania SRL, acknowledges the trust's decision to cease publishing the newspaper Compact. As a result, the last newspaper to appear was 26 February 2009.
The reasons which led to the decision are linked to poor performance of the the...

Date 3 03 2009

The Local mobile marketing market will exceed two million euros in 2009

2009 will be a favorable year for the mobile advertising market. Voxline Communication, a company specialized in marketing and applications for mobile telephony networks, estimates that the market for mobile marketing companies will exceed two million euros in 2009. In...

Date 3 02 2009

ARBOmedia will manage advertising space of Media Ring

The Daily newspaper Ring has entrusted, in exclusivit, the responability of the management of advertising space to the agency ARBOmedia. Starting January this year, the cooperation between the two companies will aim to enlarge the portfolio of clients of the...

Date 8 01 2009

Splendid Media remains in possession of TVR advertising portfolio for the next 3 years

TVR's Board decided on Wednesday to offer the responsability of the administration of advertising space to Spelndid Media, for the next three years. The decision must be approved by the Administrative Council of SRTv. The agency had only one competitor in the contest...

Date 7 01 2009

The Romanian political parties have spent 800.000 euros for promotion in mass media

To serve the purposes of their electoral campaings, the political parties PSD-PC, PNL and PD-L have acquired mass-media promotion space. In the first week of campaign, an overall sum of 800.000 euros has been spent. The data has been provided by a report by IPP (The...

Date 13 11 2008

Edipresse launches a new magazine: Auto Bild

Edipresse AS Romania has launched the Auto Bild magazine. The editor in chief of the magazine will be Razvan Magureanu. Auto Bild will be published bi-monthly, and will be printed in an initial volume of 21.000 units. The magazine aims all drivers and car enthusiasts,...

Date 17 10 2008

Argenta – The first washable paint based on Silver, with antimicrobial proprieties

Thursday, october 16th 2008, ICAA S.A. (The Institute of Research of Advanced Coverage or Institutul de Cercetari pentru Acoperiri Avansate) has launched a new product based on Silver, obtained through the latest-generation nano-technology: Argenta the intelligent...

Date 16 10 2008

The TV audience during 25th of July – 3rd of August on the specific target: urban men:

TV Cahnnel: gspTV ( Rtg% - 0,3; Max.rating – 3,5, Liga I Steaua-FC Brasov repriza I)
TV Channel: ( Rtg% - 0,5; Max.rating – 2,4, Handbal feminin – Campionatul European repriza I)
TV Channel: Eurosport ( Rtg% - 0,2; Max.rating –...

Date 4 08 2008

GSP TV has been launched

On the 25th of July it has been launched the spots channel GSP TV. The programs are being broadcasting through the cable operator RCS/RDS. The new sports channel will broadcast the football games from Liga I, talk shows, international shows, presented by remarkable...

Date 25 07 2008

After 68 years of activity, BBC Romania shuts down

Radio Europa Libera aired on Thursday for the last time in Romania, the Romanian-language adaptation of the BBC broadcast.

The closure of the romanian version of BBC has been caused by the allocation by BBC of its resources to boost its development in the...

Date 1 07 2008

More than 3.5 million romanians have watched the Euro 2008 Final

TVR1 has been leader in terms of audience all throughout the final match of Euro 2008: Spain – Germany. The match has recorded much higher audiences than the semifinals Germany-Turkey and Spain-Russia. According to GFK Romania, the Euro 2008 Final has attained...

Date 30 06 2008

The online advertising market will reach 105 billion dollars in 2011

The value of the online advertising market will reach 65.2 billion dollars this year. In other words it will add up to 10% of the overall advertising in all the existing media. Until 2011 the market will grow to above 105 billion dollars, accounting to 13.6% of the...

Date 27 06 2008

Realitatea audience leader during the ellections

Realitatea Tv has communicated that it has been the most watched news channel during the election day. Over 440 thousands of viewers have been counted at 21.00 hours and a whole series of good-looking numbers all throughout the election days. Realitatea TV won the...

Date 16 06 2008

Romania Libera buys Domus Magazin with 3 million euros

The German trust, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung and Adamescu, their partner in Romania, both partner holders of Romania Libera, have made their first acquisition in the country: Domus Magazin. Sources in the market estimated the transaction at over 3 mil euros.

Date 22 05 2008

The sports channel of the Intact Group will be called GSP TV

The new sports channel of the Intact group will be called GSP TV, and not Arenna TV as announced initially, confirms Sorin Oancea for, vice-president of Antena 1. The information was originally made public on Thursday, on Petreanu Vlad's blog. Oancea said...

Date 16 05 2008

Realitatea TV opens a new local station at Brasov

Realitatea TV has launched in the middle of this month the second local station, in Brasov, with an investment of 500,000 euros, according to a release of the TV station. The launch of Realitatea TV Brasov has been scheduled for May 14, and comes at just two months...

Date 8 05 2008

NBC Universal In Romania With Two TV Channels

London, April 18th 2008, NBC Universal Global Networks announced that they would enter the romanian television market with two of their successful channels: SCI FI and Universal Channel. Initially, the channels will be presented through the Satelite-TV system AKTA (the...

Date 21 04 2008

CME purchases Pro FM and Info Pro with 20.6 million USD

On April 17, 2008 Pro TV S.A. (media group held in proportion of 95 percent by CME – Central European Media Enterprise) has purchased the audiovisual licences of Pro FM and Info PRO from MEDIAPRO, for the sum of 47.2 million RON. In its 15 years of existance in...

Date 18 04 2008

The Daily Newspaper Market Increases by 15%

According to the official BRAT numbers of december 2007, we can observe that the romanian daily newspaper market is growing, and not diminishing, Comanescu tells u son his blog. The phenomeneon is owed to the massive investments that the print groups have made in the...

Date 16 04 2008

Razvan Ionescu, editor in chief at Cotidianul

Razvan Ionescu will be shortly announced oficially as the new editor in chief of Cotidianul. A while ago he has resigned from the Evenimentul Zilei publication. Shortly afterwards Grigore Cartianu and Emilian Isaila left EvZ too, moving to Adevarul. Thus, for...

Date 13 04 2008

A new media group

ARBO (EMI) and the media held by the Paunescu family (Media Sud) have recently formed a partnership. EMI holds the following publications: Monitorul de Cluj, Alba, Sibiu and Medias, Ziarul de Iasi, Ziarul de Braila, Viata Libera Galati and Obiectiv Vaslui. Media Sud...

Date 11 04 2008

Mihnea Maruta backs off because he does not believe in the future project of the Cotidianul newspaper

Mihnea Maruta nu mai este redactor sef la Cotidianul. Realitatea - Catavencu a prezentat plecarea sa ca o urmare a motivelor personale. Maruta a sustinut intr-un interviu pentru “Clujeanul” ca nu crede in viitorul proiect al ziarului. Proiectul consta in...

Date 10 04 2008

Vibe FM – The Dance Floor Radio

The youngest radio network in Romania is ready to turn up the volume. Vibe FM – The Dance Floor Radio – has been launched Monday, April 7th, 2008, in Bucharest and Bacau, Botosani, Buzau, Onesti, Piatra Neamt, Tulcea and Zimnicea. Vibe FM is the second...

Date 7 04 2008

Zone Reality

DBV Media House have integrated the Zone Reality channel in their portfolio starting April 7th, 2008. Zone Reality is one of the channels that the Chello Zone group distributes in more than 125 countries worldwide. GFK Romania, the provider of audience numbers for TV...

Date 7 04 2008

Razvan Ionescu at Realitatea?

A few days ago Razvan Ionescu has quit the position of editor-in-chief of Evenimentul Zilei. The Realitatea – Catavencu group has offered Mr. Ionescu a position in their company as the Integration Manager. If he accepts the offer, his attributions will be to...

Date 15 03 2008

A new TV station will be launched

Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and Valeriu Lazarov have the intention to launch a new TV station in autumn 2009. Sorin Ovidiu Vantu will be the major shareholder. Mr. Lazarov will occupy the General Manager position and will be the minor shareholder. The investment to be made in...

Date 12 03 2008

Changes at Ringier

In 2003, Ringier was holder of the three strongest publications, leaders of their categories (Evenimentul Zilei, Libertatea and ProSport). Today it holds only one category leader, Libertatea, which is currently facing a very strong competition. ProSport has been sold...

Date 6 03 2008

The Evolution of

A record number of people (more than 6400) have watched online the footbal meci between Steaua and CFR Cluj. This is the highest number of people that have ever accessed the live streaming at once in the .ro domain. In addition to this, the 143.000 visitors that

Date 3 03 2008

Pro Sport returns to MediaPro

Pro Sport has returned from Ringier to the portfolio of MediaPro. Starting the 18th of february, Pro Sport will have a new look, both in print and online. The publication has started a relaunch campaign with a teaser in the Ziarul Financiar and Gandul dailies.

Date 11 02 2008

AdEvolution and Realitatea-Catavencu Onlien Partnership

AdEvolution and the new media division of Realitatea-Catavencu Group have recently established a partnership in relation to their web-sites portfolio. According to the partnership, each of the two partners will be able to offer to their clients advertising exposure on...

Date 10 02 2008

A new radio staion at RRM

A new radio station – the third one in the RRM group will be shortly launched. I tis called Vibe FM and in the first stages it will be present in 8 cities. The price lists for the local stations are currently under development. The official launch date of the...

Date 8 02 2008

CAN CAN and PubliMedia International

Starting the 1st of February 2008, Publimedia International, the publishing company of MediaPro, will be the one managing the distribution and advertising for CAN CAN.
CAN CAN is one of the most successful, recently appeared print publications in Romania. I tis...

Date 2 02 2008

The market for online advertising will grow by 50% in 2008

According to a study made by the Technology, Media and Telecommunications division (TMT), of the Deloitte Touche Thomatsu group, the online advertising industry in Romania will grow at a larger scale than the overall global growth of this sector of activity. The growth...

Date 23 01 2008

“Teo Live” on Prima Tv

The launch of the TV show “Teo Live”on Prima TV took place on Sunday, the 20th of January at 16:30. The show has recorded an average audience of 4.6 out of the “urban, all” target (6.6 peak audience in the 16:53 minute).

The audience on...

Date 20 01 2008

Starting 2008 GfK provides the TV audience measurement service

Starting the 1st of January 2008, the TV audience measurement service is provided by GfK Romania, a branch of the German company with the same name. Thus, GfK is taking over TNS – AGB International, the provider of these services for the last four...

Date 15 01 2008

Cristian Tudor Popescu gives up the executive function

By choosing to remain a simple editor at the Newspaper that he founded in 2005, Cristian Tudor Popescu gave up the opportunity of being manager of the daily newspaper, Gandul.

The reason for this is the failure to address the target for 2008 pre-established by...

Date 14 01 2008