Argenta – The first washable paint based on Silver, with antimicrobial proprieties

Thursday, october 16th 2008, ICAA S.A. (The Institute of Research of Advanced Coverage or Institutul de Cercetari pentru Acoperiri Avansate) has launched a new product based on Silver, obtained through the latest-generation nano-technology: Argenta the intelligent antiviral paint.

Argenta is a revolutionary new product that brings a plus of hygiene in our lives, an important contribution to the health and future of our children; an ecological product, a necessity to a truly healthy life-style.

Argenta has received numerous prizes at many of the great exhibitions of Brusells, Geneve and Zagreb. It has a permanent anti-viral effect: anti-bacterian, anti-fungi and anti-viral all in one. Tested by the national Institute of Chemo-Pharmaceutics Research and Development, the product has proven its annihilation powers in terms of bacteria and viruses and has proven excellent resistance to staphilococcous aureus, which makes it reccomendable highly to all medical institutions: maternity wards, hospitals, cliniques, medical offices, surgery rooms etc.

The launch campaign of the brand Argenta has been made with the help of the Media Today team. „It is a unique product on the market and it has true potential” announces Barbara Vaida, Client Service Director. The team that has worked on the media promotion of the product was made up of: Barbara Vaida, CS Director and Dorian Mastacan, Account Executive.

Date 16 10 2008