The Agency of State Domains enables the privatization of commercial agricultural companies and the leasing of all terains (public and private owned) for agricultural use.
World class snowmobiles and ATV's imported and distributed in Romania by ARCTIC LAND.
The unique antimicrobial paint based on silver ions, invented by ICAA S.A.  The Research Institute for Advanced Coverage.
Polish producer of a wide range of high quality personal care products.
Bilancia is one of the leading companies in Europe working in the distribution of equipment and accessories for the hospitality industry.
The National Trade Union Bloc (established in November 1991) is one of the five major trade union confederations in Romania, consisting of the approximately 320,000 union members, workers in the private or public sector companies.
The newest brand of paints and varnishes produced and distributed by ADYA CHEMICALCOM.
Renowned producer of mineral water, Bucovina has been a traditional company on the Romanian market since 1993.
CertAsig is a specialized non-life insurance company based in Romania.
Famous Italian olive oil brand.
The company offers a full range of human resource training solutions that provide tools for a fast and healthy development of various businesses.
One can't speck about cosmetics and fragrances without speaking about Estee Lauder.
The only TV station in Romania dedicated to women.
Leading European sports TV channel.
World famous tennis and ski equipment brand, represented in Romania by SPORT INTERCOM.
Italian brand, simply the best whipped cream on the market.
Spanish real estate developer, with already four outstanding projects on the Romanian market.
Known French pharmaceutical company, part of Innothera, present in over 100 countries.
The company's activity is oriented towards permanently seeking and implementing of innovative technologies to create original and generic medicinal products.
Mareea is one of the leading tour operators in Romania, defining itself in the landscape by the quality and timeliness of its services.
Daily nose care products for the entire family.
Sole representative in Romania of Makita Corporation for the import and distribution on the Romanian market of Makita electric and gasoline power tools.
Top Romanian producer of high quality construction materials.
The number 1 company in Romania in marketing premium food.
On the Romanian market for over nine years, Orion Romania is the representative of the world famous manufacturer of high-tech electronic equipment.
The leading national network of shops commercializing flooring products.
Romania's no.1 network of DIY stores, one of the most important European players of it's profile.
ProCredit Bank is a development oriented bank that offers a wide range of services and banking products.Present in 22 countries, on 3 continents, ProCredit Bank activates in Romania from 2002.
It is the greatest scientific discovery of recent years against cellular aging as a result of recent advances in nutraceutical research.
The S.A.S GRUP Company is the most powerful player on the market for integrated systems of surveillance and monitoring of vehicles through GPS in Romania.
SUZUKI represents a very well known name in the entire world. Suzukis automobiles, motorbikes, boat motors, power generators are well known for being of great quality, originality and reliability.
The wound treatment specialist, Velfina is the market leader in the production of medical dressing and bandages.
HRI-Vitalion is a natural medical product invented by the professor of biochemistry, Dr. Terry Gallagher, founder of Herbal Research Institute (HRI)
Specific cuisine home delivery services